Our vision and mission is centered on empowering lives by information we give to them through our services, platforms and subsidiaries. The company was founded 2020 and it proudly enjoys the two years of existence. Ever since we believe in the power of technology to distribute market information that inspires people.

SETIMAR runs SETIMAR.COM, SETMAR BUSINESS, BOABAB NEWS and the Freelance, Internship and Attachment (FIAT) program. It operates in media and online services such as Setimar.com, Setimar News, Setimar Business and this program FIAT.

SETIMAR employees are divided in its subsidiaries that include Setimar.com, Setimar News, Setimar Business, Boabab News, Setimar Papers and some work directly under the services offered by the company.

The company values technology and modernization of information distribution. All our distribution mediums are online in their numbers. The FIAT PROGRAM was found on the vision of training our own staff as an organization thus equipping candidates with our own style and skills.